Manifesting Love, Money, Health, and Confidence

The Law of Attraction states that anything someone thinks will eventually be turned into action. It is one of the most mysterious forces in the universe, and few people are truly aware of its power. Even those who aren’t aware of this universal law will still find that it applies to their daily lives as their thoughts and emotions manifest actions and responses.

How to Use It

Once readers have come to terms with this basic fact of life they can use it to their advantage. Think about life as a work of art and strive to create a picture of what they want prior to taking actions toward realizing it. Readers themselves are in complete control of this mysterious law.


Manifest Love

Wondering how to manifest the perfect partner using this law? It’s simple. Readers need only create a vibrant picture in their minds of what kind of partner they want to attract to themselves and what perfect love would look like, then wait for their prince – or princess – charming to appear.

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Manifest Money

Most people who want to be living lives of financial abundance focus more on the trials and travails of being poor than they do on the positive aspects of having money. Harnessing this universal law to attract money requires banishing any negative thoughts, such as anger at not having enough and the greed and vanity often associated with riches. Since positivity breeds positivity, this is the best way for readers to begin attracting more money from unexpected places.


Manifest Health

It’s not uncommon for today’s global citizens to be overwhelmed with work, family commitments, and difficult social lives and this often leads them to ignore their health. While there’s certainly no substitute for a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, manifesting good health can promote both mental and physical health benefits. Readers should train their brains to see things in a positive light so that they can improve their physical and mental health.


Manifest Confidence

Confidence is actually one of the easiest things to manifest. Focusing on maintaining a positive outlook can help manifest confidence as well as health, so let go of any feelings of doubt. This applies to feelings of self-doubt and confidence in the effectiveness of this technique.


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